Opportunities for employment may exist as Wood Framers, Metal Stud Framers, Painters, Steel Workers, Carpenters, Dry Wall Tapers, Concrete Workers, Quality Laborers or Operators (CDL licensed) to name a few. Schlipman Construction is continually looking for quality workers all year long.

Not everyone can work for Schlipman Construction.  We promise the highest quality product and results to our customers.  To achieve this result, we demand a great deal of attention and skill sets from our employees.  We carefully screen every application we receive to find those individuals who want to be a part of producing a great product.

The employees of this company relay our brand promise to everyone in the communities we serve.  Employee behavior, appearance, skill set, commitment, attention to detail and drive are just a few of the characteristics we review.  We look for quality individuals who offer a professional representation of our company, regardless of the job type.

Our success is due to the group effort put forth by each employee.  We are a team working towards a common goal.  If you are interested in joining our team, please complete and mail in the Employment Application to day.

After one year of employment, our employees enjoy:

  • Vacation plan that goes up to three weeks off
  • Benefits to include 100% hospitalization for employees and up to 50% for family members
  • 401(k) package
  • and more!

Employment Application         Employee Safety Manual          Employee Handbook

Prior experience is not always necessary depending on what you want to get in to.  In our business, the individual doing the clean up work is just as important as the carpenter, roofer, painter or mechanic.    While some experience is generally preferred, we look for an individual that is driven and hungry to work.

Applications are also available in drop box outside of office.